INFJ attractive

I’m an INFP married to an INFJ. We’ve been together for 11 years and I am crazy in love still. What is it about her that is so enchanting?

  1. She actually gets me. This solves my chronic INFP being misunderstood issue. When she doesn’t get me, she does her best to understand and usually figures it out. She’s incredibly tenacious in her pursuit of understanding me. I love that. I mean…I LOVE that!
  2. She’s incapable of putting on an act. INFPs hate it when people are being inauthentic, and I don’t think she knows how to be inauthentic. I trust her.
  3. She’s magic. Her intuition is off the charts. The way she sees people and the world is a never-ending source of fascination for me. I love her symbolic imagination. Nothing is ever what it looks like to an INFJ. There’s always some deeper meaning.
  4. Her type is rare, and that’s kind of cool. I feel like I’m married to a rare gem. I am. I feel lucky to have found her.
  5. She’s beautifully strange. She does things that make no sense at all to me, and she does them with complete conviction and devotion — and the result is breathtaking, especially in her art, and in her healing practice.
  6. She’s physically affectionate. The way she just completely leans into me is wonderful.
  7. She’s a doer, much more so than I am. She’ll make a list, get it done, make another list…and she never seems to give up. There’s a steady kind of chugging along that she does, even on huge projects that I find really inspiring. I tend to operate more in fits and starts.
  8. She can’t help but care about people. I love this. I’ve never met a more earnest person in my life. Her devotion to me is humbling.
  9. She’s really playful. She’s all kinds of things at once. A cat, a bird, a fox — she seems to readily associate herself with any life form of her choosing. She names our cars things like Big Kitty. Most things in our house have names. It’s fun 🙂
  10. She’s a nature lover. There’s a whole different side of her that comes out when we’ve been out camping or hiking for a while. She’s not quite willing to be completely civilized. She’s wild, not in a crazy sense, but in a connected sense.
  11. She doesn’t waste her time with people who aren’t deserving of her attention. She’s very economical with how she spends her attention. If someone is upsetting to her, she’ll unfriend them. Simple. I like that.
  12. She’s demanding. Okay, this one might surprise you, but we need our mates to bring out the best in us, and for an INFP sometimes (not all the time!) that means dragging us out the door or making an ultimatum. I’m like, “Okay, I guess I will…” and then sometimes the thing I was resistant to ends up opening up a whole new dimension for me.


  1. matsumi on August 13, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    Hi there, you made my day. Thanks for the kind words.

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