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Personality In Depth is dedicated to defining personality in a way that brings us out of the proverbial box and into a dynamic dance of consciousness where we are truly able to see others as ourselves, while also enjoying and appreciating each other's uniqueness. We also celebrate that each person is much more than a personality type. Not only do we all have the potential for all types within us, but every human being is a universe in a body. There's an infinite capacity within us yet our brains work in specifically different ways. We are all infinite and finite at the same time, body and spirit. Exploring and experiencing this paradox directly can give our existence incredible meaning and joy.


John Utter

Personality & Spirituality

I am a transformational coach with decades of experience helping people find the right path forward. More than anything, I love helping people live a more authentic life so they can experience the kind of success and profound belonging that is soul satisfying. I know what it's like to have success without that satisfaction and it feels empty. I am adept at using coaching techniques, neuroscience, the best in psychology, and Jungian personality theory to help you shake off internal and external barriers so you can move forward in the direction that truly calls to you. In addition, I specialize in helping people awaken to their own soul nature which can result in a lasting and profound connection to oneself and others. This is a special kind of work that's taken me 16 years to learn and develop.

I am also a partner with Doric Olson in a venture called Thrive At Work (thriveatwork.com) which is dedicated to bringing out the best in people and organizations. We work with individuals, teams, and executives to create a better workplace and better products. I also teach classes in Psychological Safety, Motivational Strengths, and Strengths of Difference at South Puget Sound Community College.

A little background on me: Shortly after I graduated from college my friend and I landed a major record deal in Hollywood. I worked with amazingly talented people there and we released an album called Bounce The Ocean that sold around 250,000 copies. I also found out that I was not at all happy in my brief attempt as a recording artist. The prospect of touring to support our album actually gave me panic attacks. I left the music business and found a job working at the unemployment office in my hometown of Olympia, Washington. I discovered I loved matching people with jobs. It gave me so much more satisfaction than being played on the radio across the country. My clients were so happy when I helped them find something they could do and truly wanted to do. Suddenly, I felt like I had the power to change lives for the better. It was awesome. This was the start of my coaching career.

I've had several awakening experiences in my life. I see each of them as very important in my development. My experiences have come from multiple cultural and religious settings. They have taught me that I can experience the unity of life and profound inpourings of love and bliss from praying in St. Peter's Cathedral, taking part in ancestral dances in the African bush, Sufi chanting, a Buddhist nun's blessing, a Hindu Yogi's blessing, participating in weekend meditation retreats, walking out into my own backyard, and from standing in the grocery store and wondering where all the toilet paper went. I've come to see connection with Spirit as universal and as a birthright for everyone, not as a prize for believing the right thing, but as a doorway that we all have capacity to open.



Doric Olson

Leadership in Management

Doric and I have been working on our approach to personality since 2013. Though for the time being he is a silent partner on this website, none of this material would be here without him.

Doric has more than 20 years of experience consulting in organizations and coaching people. He also has more than 25 years of experience working and managing in Washington State Government - and was the 2013 recipient of the Governor’s Award for Leadership in Management. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Whitman College and a Master’s degree in Consulting and Coaching in Organizations from The Leadership Institute of Seattle/Bastyr University. Doric is passionate about helping people bring out the best in themselves and their organizations through innovation, authenticity, and alignment.


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