What is my true type?

Many people use the MBTI or a similar assessment to determine which personality is their best fit. At times it might be helpful to seek an expert. You might:

  • Get different results on each attempt.
  • Vacillate between two types. Which one am I?
  • Get a consistent result that just doesn't seem right.
  • Get a consistent result that feels right but you're not sure how to apply the results. What does it mean exactly?
  • You understand your type, but it would be helpful to figure out someone else's type and how to work most effectively with them.

In my experience teaching personality type classes, the official MBTI is about 70% correct. That's pretty good! But the MBTI and other instruments like it are meant to be a beginning of your exploration, not a definitive instrument.

Knowing your type in depth can help you understand yourself, your choices, family dynamics, career paths, and relationship dynamics in a surprisingly thorough way. It's like everything snaps into place and makes sense.

It's incredibly important to align your self-concept with how your personality actually works. Otherwise, the stage is set for continual conflict which wears on your mental and physical health.

"John has helped me to clarify my personality type and to better understand my strengths.  He has a keen understanding of how the cognitive functions work and what that looks like in a personality.  I would highly recommend John to anyone who is looking to embark on the inner journey." - Christine Glass

Let me help!

Most coaching sessions are available via phone or Zoom. Awakening Sessions are available only on Zoom. Introductory coaching rates are $80/hr.

John Utter


About John

John Utter is a transformational coach with decades of experience helping people find the right path forward.

More than anything, I love helping people experience the kind of success and profound belonging that is soul satisfying. I know what it's like to have success without that satisfaction and it feels empty. I am adept at using coaching techniques, neuroscience, the best in psychology, and Jungian personality theory to help you shake off internal and external barriers so you can move forward in the direction that truly calls to you. In addition, I specialize in helping people awaken to their own soul nature which can result in a lasting and profound connection to oneself and others. more...