ISFJ. The Nurturer

ISFJs are usually attracted to tasks that are based on tradition, authority and routine. They find repetitive hands on work to be relaxing and reassuring. They tend to be very loyal and think will usually about others before themselves. They are especially focused on the wellbeing of their inner circle such as family close friends, and teammates, and also are characteristically loyal to the institution(s) they represent.

If you are an ISFJ you might see yourself as practical, hard-working, traditional, dependable, responsible and committed to the welfare of those around you. You pay attention to the details of life and want to make sure everything is in place, works well, and even delights the people you care about.

You have restorative character. You want to bring people back to a good place so they can keep on going with a little more love and understanding in their lives than before they met you. However, if anyone becomes a threat to someone you care about God help them. Part of nurturing others is defending them from harm and you'll do that job as well anyone. You're typically not confused about where your duty lies. Its pretty black and white. Kindness is a primary value for you, but kindness needs boundaries.

You look to the past for solutions to the present and for the future. What's worked dependably before is the best indicator of what will work now and in the future. Security and constancy is the foundation for a good life. Working for society's institutions is often a good way to uphold that foundation for others. You tend to trust authority. Like tradition, you figure it's there for a good reason and have no qualms about supporting the status quo unless it is harming others unnecessarily.

Your values mostly belong to the welfare of the group.You have a high degree of social intelligence. Your logical abilities are mainly focused on group welfare. You track what people need and how the group interacts together. You see the webs of interdependence between people; how the actions of one person ripples out and affects the group for better or worse. As much as possible you want to keep the group morale in a positive and supportive place. Uplifting each other is essential. The ways to uplift each other, for the most part, have already been established. All you need to do is find the manual.

You prize common sense and others often find you have a talent for it. You're naturally skeptical of new ideas that lack a foundation in the past. Why waste time with novelty that will probably undermine the stability you prize? Creative brainstorming can sometimes be painful, but you can be depended on to come up with ideas that will help everyone feel supported and stabilized.

ISFJ Quotes

"I especially like [this] comment about our administration: 'We obeyed the law, we told the truth, and we kept the peace.'" - Jimmy Carter

I feel more than anything else it's my duty to worry about everybody and their lives in this country, to try to find a way of improving things if I possibly can." - Prince Charles

"[I stand for] a way based on compassion, respect for all life, and common sense." - Brian May

"I think that [people confide in me] because they know I'm very loving... I'm a bit of a mother hen" - Gwyneth Paltrow

"My ... meaning [of] 'keepin' it gangsta' is... taking care of your family, handling your business and putting positive energy out there where everybody can benefit from it, not just yourself" - Kendrick Lamar

"The advice I would give any young person is... to be concerned about what they can do to help others." - Rosa Parks